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The Guest Lounge: Allayne Webster

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

The Rat-Catcher's Apprentice

by Maggie Jankuloska

Published by Midnight Sun Publishing

ISBN 9781925227949

And what a wonderful tale this is. There were aspects of it I felt echoed my own novel #acardboardpalace - a child in poverty, at the mercy of an adult boss, wanting for something more, set in France... I love that it portrayed violent acts like whippings, and didn't shy away from speaking of witch hunts, nor the disposal of bodies (plague victims.) In context, and done with a light touch, what better way to educate our kids about the historical practices of a bygone era? Kids can handle it. If they're like I was as a kid, they'll be fascinated by it.

📘 about that cover?! Just gorgeous! 😍 Congratulations Maggie!


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