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The CBCA SA Branch

The Children's Book Council of Australia (South Australian Branch)  is a branch of The Children's Book Council of Australia - an independent, not for profit, volunteer organization established in 1945 to promote children's literature to children, young adults (to the age of 18), parents, individuals and professionals connected with education and literature for young people. 

At branch level we:

  • Organise activities to provide resources and information to adults involved with children

  • Stimulate wide interest and discussion of children's literature

  • Encourage South Australian authors and illustrators of children's and young adult books

  • Disseminate information about children's books, authors and illustrators

  • Support quality children's and school library services

  • Support the appointment of judges to the CBCA Book of the Year Awards panel

  • Organise professional development and community outreach functions and activities 

The SA Branch is organised by volunteers passionate about bringing children and books together. It includes teachers, librarians, teacher librarians, community members and creatives. 
We invite and encourage membership from the South Australian community.
Explore our website, connect with us through our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and join our ranks by becoming a member.


Our Patron

Office Bearers
President: ​Kate Moore
Vice President: Brenda George
Secretary: Adriana Macdonald
Treasurer: Anna Angelakis

Full Committee

Jane Moore

Kate Moore

Caitlin Hadrill

Adriana Macdonald

Anna Angelakis

Brenda George

Susan Ditter

Linda Guthrie

Janeen Brian

Natalie Kling

Margaret Wilkinson

Mary Procopio

Kate McBride

National Board

Jane Moore- CBCA Board Director (SA nominee)

Shadow Judging

Linda Guthrie - SA State Coordinator​​

Honourable Natalie Charlsesworth.jpeg

 The Honourable Natalie Charlesworth.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome the Honourable Natalie Charlesworth as patron of CBCA SA branch. She is a passionate supporter of children's literacy  and an exciting addition to our community.

Life Members


Valerie van Putten (Awarded 12/2/2018) 


Anna Angelakis
​(Awarded 12/2/2018)


John Moore
​(Awarded 11/2/19)


Katharine England OAM (Awarded 24/2/2020)


Julie Wells
​(Awarded 24/2/2021)

Honorary Members

Honorary Membership is awarded to a person who is a luminary of South Australian children’s literature and who is  currently relevant and instantly recognisable to the wider SA children’s literature community.
Creative recipients will have a quality body of work over a period of time (recognition in awards)


Phil Cummings


Janeen Brian


Sally Heinrich


Mem Fox

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