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Connecting with our Shadow Judges


Cowell Area School

‘I’ve enjoyed Shadow Judging this year and reading books I wouldn’t usually pick up. It’s really helped me get back into reading, which I enjoy. It was sometimes challenging to read books within the time frame.  It made me think why I liked the book. I feel like that would help me choose what I want to read in the future. I would definitely do this again next year.’ Emmersyn Yr 8 – Young Readers

‘I’ve enjoyed shadow judging. I like doing the picture books and working out what is the purpose to the stories. Not everyone  has to like what you like, but it’s good to listen to people’s opinions about each book. I would recommend other schools to do shadow judging and hope we can do it next year.’ Jaime Yr 5 – Picture Books

The CBCA Shadow Judging is an important way school libraries, libraries and teachers support students in increasing their engagement with a wider range of Australian literature. Students feel a sense of agency as they are supported to critically evaluate the literary merit of books against established CBCA judging criteria.

The CBCA Shadow Judging begins when the CBCA Shortlists are announced.

Following registration on the Shadow Judging website there is access to the wide range of resources available on the CBCA Shadow Judging website.

Our branch is committed to supporting our members to enjoy a successful Shadow Judging experience this year. Our online facilitator meetings/workshops are scheduled from March through to August. It is an opportunity for facilitators to share ideas and strategies.

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