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CBCA Sun Project: Shadow Judging is warming up for 2023 To check it out, drop into our national website. ( 

The CBCA Shadow Judging Project is an important way school libraries support students in increasing their engagement with a wider range of Australian literature. Students feel a sense of agency as they are supported to critically evaluate the literary merit of books against established CBCA judging criteria.


The CBCA Shadow Judging Project fits neatly into the Literature strand of the English curriculum. During the project, students engage with 6 shortlisted books that are then “valued and appreciated for their form and style, and contribution to cultural, historical and social understanding”. 

The CBCA Shadow Judging Project is supported through the Shadow Judging website. Here facilitators access resources and upload the creative responses of their groups. 

Registrations for the 2023 CBCA Shadow Judging program open in Term 1 2023. Registration is open to all schools and libraries. Book Clubs, reading groups and classes can all be involved. You can register for our Sun Project mailing list here for updates on the Shadow Judging and to hear when registrations open.

Feedback from facilitators taking part in the 2022 CBCA Sun Project Shadow Judging was that support early in Term One would greatly support schools in being ready to start the project when the CBCA Book of the Year Award Shortlisted books are announced. To provide this support for facilitators, the South Australian Branch of the CBCA is hosting an online Sun Project Shadow Judging Facilitator Workshop.  

This workshop is a free online event that will shine a light on: 

  • Practical suggestions for enhancing your group’s interaction with literature. 

  • Exploring the various roles open to students as a text is explored. 

Bookings are now open for this free online event: 

Thursday 16th February 2023 7 pm until 8 pm. 

Register at

All who register will receive a reminder email and Zoom link one week before the workshop date.

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