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Kathryn's Call: Stories of Survival

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

In this post, I am sharing two wonderful new children’s non-fiction picture books which each have a special story to tell about survival and conservation.

One Potoroo: A story of Survival written by Penny Jaye & illustrated by Alicia Rogerson

CSIRO Publishing ISBN 978486314645

This fabulous story is about a Gilbert Potoroo, one of the last survivors of a bushfire at Two Peoples Bay in Western Australia. The book tells of the journey to safety for the potoroo, which is the world’s most endangered marsupial, and the conservation efforts to save the species. The full-page illustrations are beautiful and you will learn some new facts such as how the potoroo loves to eat truffles which are the fruity bulbs of underground fungi.

Tiny Possum and the Migrating Mothswritten by Julie Murphy & illustrated by Ben Clifford

CSIRO Publishing ISBN 9781486314621

Tiny Possum, a mountain pygmy-possum, lives high in the Australian Alps and during the summer months must find food and shelter to survive under the snow during the long winter months. Without the migrating bogong moths as a food source the species will not survive. Along the migrating path of these moths, conservationists have encouraged residents to turn off their lights at night so the moths will not be distracted on their journey. This is an amazing story with striking illustrations

Reviewed by Kathryn Beilby


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